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Metal roofing
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Team BMR proudly offers high-quality metal roofing that can successfully withstand the harsh Florida weather and elements for years to come. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their durability, lifespan, and growing collection of colors and styles.

Quality Profile Selections for Florida Metal Roofing - Every popular style is available.

Installing the right roof doesn’t stop with the best quality materials—we strive to provide our customers with a large selection of the most popular styles for your beautiful new roof. We wil help you choose from available crimps to provide exactly the roof you want for your home or building.

Which panel type is right for you? Exposed Fastener vs. Standing Seam

We help you choose from several metal roofing panel styles. From the classic 5V-LOK to the bold 1 3/4″ SS-LOK standing seam, ultimately the look and style of your metal roof is up to you. We will help you determine which style of panel will look best on your existing home or new site built home. There is also the choice of exposed fastener panel system vs. standing seam. With an exposed fastener panel, the screws that fasten the panels to the roof deck are visible. These panel systems are lower cost in the panels and, typically, the labor to install them. The other choice is standing seam. If you are looking for clean lines and don't want the fasteners to be visible, then standing seam is likely the choice for you. Beyond the visual aspects afforded by standing seam panels, there is much less possibility for water intrusion over time. Explore all of our metal panel offerings below.

Is your project near the coast? Our Aluminum Panel Options are likely right for you!

Florida's beach waters have a higher salt content than most US beaches. The sea water around Florida can be a challenge for coastal homes. Within 1,500 feet of the coast, most other roofing panels aren't even covered by warranty by other manufacturers. Our aluminum Coastal Series panels are covered by a a 25 year limited warranty and are perfect for coastal applications. Also, our warranty includes no setback restrictions.

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Exposed Fastener Style Metal Roofing Panels

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